General Conditioning

A comprehensive program structured around the client’s needs, goals and environment.  Optimal fitness includes resistance training, cardiovascular work, flexibility and balance.

Weight Loss

A motivating and challenging program designed to enhance weight loss and address nutritional concerns.  Behavior modification leads to long term success!

Post – Rehab

Essential program after having been, or in the process of being dismissed from physical therapy.  Continued progress toward functional fitness is the goal.

Sport-Specific Training

This program is designed to assist the individual that wants to improve their performance on the golf course, tennis court or other activity.  Injury prevention is key.

Senior Fitness

Often with age come health and orthopedic concerns requiring special attention.  A gentle, safe approach is indicated as well as communication with the client’s physician or health practitioner.

Pregnancy / Postpartum

Pregnancy can be a wonderful time filled with expectation and physical changes.  An exercise program modified to the constantly changing needs of the pregnant woman can make this time more manageable as well as delivery and recovery quicker and easier.

Teen Programs

Working with teens can be a fun and rewarding experience, whether it be one-on-one or in a group or team setting.  Motivation and encouragement are high!

Special needs

Many chronic conditions need special attention and modified programming.  Fibromyalgia, arthritis, cancer-recovery, Parkinson’s,  are among the many conditions requiring care and experience.

Phone Coaching

Sometimes life necessitates other avenues of training.  When travel, family or other commitments get in the way, having a phone coach is the answer.